Amann Girrbach Installation and Repairs

Evolve Dentistry has once again added some new services to best serve our clients. Not only we able to education, equip, install, and train you on our open sourced in-house production, but NOW we can repair it too!

Mark Rose, who has been working with CAM manufacturing for more the n ten years, spent some time at Amann Girrbach HQ in Germany. There he learned their milling machines inside and out, becoming an Authorized Third-Party Repair Mechanic. He will be on call for any Evolve client who has concerns about their Amann Girrbach or IDC Mills.


Individuals will be able to call Mark Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (EST) with any concerns you may be having regarding your AG or IDC Mill. If the concern is severe or time sensitive, you can schedule a Remote Diagnostic appointment, where Mr. Rose will remote into your computer to examine if the problem can be solved with software updated or minor hardware adjustments.

Let’s say it’s a bad problem. From there, you have two options.

You can pack up the mill and send it to Evolve HQ to be repaired and cleaned

or you can pay for Mark's flight to your office and he will fix it there.

The end goal is to solve the problem as fast as possible, enabling you to continue your efficient workflows and practice modern dentistry.