EXOCAD: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Tutorial

Take the first steps into the world of digital dentistry!

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Explore the possibilities of Exocad’s DentalCAD software with Luca Piazzera. This video tutorial covers basic through advanced levels of CAD techniques. Once you are familiar with the base functionality of the software, there’s more to discover. "Beyond Exocad" is a course suitable for beginners to experienced users, and promises to make individuals efficient designers in both clinical and lab environments. Enroll in this comprehensive Exocad training curriculum which tracks progress and shows percentage completed throughout the entire course.

 - The Course Includes -

  5 Levels

The course includes 5 levels from Basic to Advanced. We will walk you through, step by step, from how to make single crowns, to Zirconia Frames with screw channels, all the way to designing titanium bars!

Technical Support


  30 Teeth Libraries Ready To Use

The comprehensive curriculum includes an advanced set of tooth libraries, ready for use. In addition, you will find useful videos to guide you each step of the way.

  Rhinoceros 6

Last version of Rhino to create your own implants library, scans body, and have the freedom to menage your .stl file. It is the best CAD software for geometry purpose.

  Blender 2.63a

Open source CAD software with a full suite of 3D modeling options.

  Tooth Model Editor

This software will allow you to create your own tooth library. You will be able to scan your favorite tooth library, give it the right info, and import in Exocad.


Course Instructor: Luca Piazzera



CAD/CAM Dental Technician, Luca Piazzera is an Educator in Digital Dentistry and Exocad.

He has been working and teaching Digital Workflow since 2012.

He is an expert and his skills include:



- 3D-Digital Dentistry WorkFlow

- CAD/CAM Software planning and designing (Exocad)

- 3D Printing and Technology



Since then he has focused his skills to help Dentists and Dental Technicians integrate into their workflow methods to design digital restorations and more.