Why Evolve today?

  • 1) Implant Restorations

    Advance your Implant services by incorporating CB-CT scans or by producing custom implant appliances.

  • 2) Removable Efficiencies

    Due to the increase of hard costs of removable production, incorporating digital workflows increase profitability and create new service offerings.

  • 3) Hybrid Fixed Production

    By balancing the efficiencies of digital production and aesthetic capabilities of technicians, you create ideal flexibility and productivity.

  • 4) Record Taking & Exams

    Embrace the benefits of have permanent full color digital records. Give more thorough exams and close more treatments.

  • 5) Save Lab Costs

    By investing in production machinery, you are cutting your lab costs and creating larger margins per treatment.

  • 6) Efficient for the Patient

    Your patients will love how their treatments will no longer require multiple visits. This creates more time for you to see other patients as well.

  • 7) Partners in Production

    With Evolve, you have peace of mind knowing your restorations are being processed without meticulous oversight.

  • 8) The Magic of Digital

    Without a second thought, your patients’ appliance will be produced and finished in time for you to finish the treatment.


  • Monday:               7am – 6pm

    Tuesday:              7am – 6pm

    Wednesday:        7am – 6pm

    Thursday:            7am – 6pm

    Friday:                  7am – 4pm

  • Saturday:             7am – 2pm

    Sunday:                7am – 2pm


  • Address:

    235 Aero Drive. Buffalo, NY 14225



  • Email:

    Josh@evolvedentistry.com- President / Head customer support manager