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At this Two day event, Joshua Jakson, President of Evolve Dentistry will instruct designers on how to use Exocad in order to create removable restorations like dentures and Partials in a hands on laboratory learning environment. Not only will individuals get to have hands-on instruction, but also get expert tips and tricks that turn you into effective designer for the clinical or lab environment.

**You will be designing, manufacturing and post-processing your own 3D printed or milled denture in which using the Envisionone and AG Motion 2.**



Being about to master digital removable restorations  have been an obsession by many early-adopters in digital dentistry due to both its complexity but also its profitability from leveraging new manufacturing techniques.
In this course, Jakson will be guiding you through the different ways individual can create digital dentures using exocad software. The goal in coming to this course is to have you leave confident in creating: denture, partial frameworks, In addition we will be going through workflows for manufacturing, post processing of dentures, and partials.

What You'll Learn

Immediate Dentures (Day One)

  • How to design
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Post-processing the dentures

Three Partial indications (Day Two)

  • How to design each
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Post-processing of partials

Where & When

July 24th-25th 2021 - Evolution Dental Science: 

235 Aero Drive Buffalo NY 14225

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