The Evolve Digital System

Intraoral Scanning is on the verge of drastically improving the quality of care dentists are providing by improving diagnostic ability and presenting a final restoration faster.

Intraoral Scanning

Desktop Scanners offer versatility in the design process by acquiring scans within microns of the scanned appliance or model.

Desktop Scanning

At the core of the digital workflow is the ability to three dimensional sculpt the final restoration then send that file to a Mill or 3D printer for production. Exocad’s Modules help to simplify the design process.

CAD Designing

The 3D Printing industry is a continuously evolving industry. Evolve Dentistry will continue to support the 3D printer that best fits a clinical workflow. Models, bite splints, surgical guides and try-ons and provisional are all currently 3D Printed. Today’s most practically 3D printers have fast printing times and a high-quality print.

3D Printing

Milling is versatile, allowing for production of final restorations, removable appliances, temporaries and custom abutments. Milling machines vary depending on the type of material you wish to mill.

Wet/Dry Milling