Dr. Jonathan Abenaim, DMD


Dr. Jonathan Abenaim, DMD


OLC Education & Conference Center
Rosemont, IL
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Sep 06 2018


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Digital Dentistry to the MAX

Digital Dentistry, Implants, 3D Printing, Milling & Everything in Between

About the Course
Our industry is at its all time high with the speed of innovations with one major problem. How does it all work together to create patient acceptance, profitable treatments and quality results every time? Be prepared to get answers to what works with what, how to process behind the scenes and most importantly, what can digital dentistry do for me and my patients? Learn How to incorporate Digital Dentistry into your practice. From Printing to Milling to Design. Learn how to do single units full mouth rehabilitation and more. This course will arm you with the information to take your practice to the next level.


This course will answer the questions:

  • What can I do with digital?
  • How do I make it all happen?
  • What is the workflow?
  • What scanner?
  • What type of mill fits my needs?
  • How will designing improves my clinical ability?
  • How does a digital workflow improve treatment planning?
  • How to manage your staff with a digital workflow?
  • How to leverage 3D printing for more accuracy?
  • Why are Cone Beams ideal for digital dentistry?
  • How to add breathtaking technology into your office? (Face Scanning)
  • How can you take advantage of the digital world while still taking analog impressions?
  • How to use scan flags, and how to choice the best flags?
  • How to design an implant site in Exocad?
  • How to complete a Facial Smile Design?
  • What is CAM?
  • What is NESTING?
  • How can digital wax-ups help you close more treatments?

Discuss what no one talks about the following.

  1. accuracy of library
  2. geometry of scan body
  3. scan path
  4. overlap in scan
  5. stay in 3shape or send to stl.
  6. multi-unit or straight to implant.
  7. geometry of implant
  8. geometry of multi-unit.

Bring your cases. Bring your questions. Bring your smiles.