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At this two day course, Joshua Jakson, President of Evolve Dentistry will be teaching the skills needed to successfully incorporate exoplan implant evaluation and guide creation software into your digital workflow.



Attendees will learn the benefit of making a guide from a planned conversion prosthesis as well as what type of bone is necessary for a successful surgery. 

We will start the guide process by designing the virtual prosthetic then importing this into the implant evaluation portion of the software. Tissue models will be aligned to the CT data allowing for proper planning of the apical portion of the implant as well as trajectory. After implant placement and data alignment attendees will then learn how to make a proper fitting guide with sufficient drilling length and guide holes for rather keyless or keyed guided surgery. 

What You'll Learn

  • Creating Surgical Guides
  • Tissue and bone analysis techniques
  • Implant placement best practices
  • manufacturing of different types of surgical guides
  • Using CT Data in CAD Planning.

Where & When

August 14th 2021 - Evolution Dental Science: 

235 Aero Drive Buffalo NY 14225

RegistrationLimited Space Available.

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