The Neway Desktop Scanner offers advanced capabilities, with lightning speed scan-time, and a wide scanning platform.

  • Scans usually take between 45-75 seconds to complete.
  • Reliable scanner for clinics and labs.
  • Scans patient’s impressions or models.
  • Easily imports scans into design softwares.
  • Open STL. files, to send to any partner.
  • Easy to use due to One Click Scanning.
  • Works with most digital systems including exocad.

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Installation & Day Training, No Installation Support

The NeWay by Open Technologies

Design and development merge perfectly to give life to Open Technologies’ NeWay. Practical and beautiful to look at, NeWay is designed to fit all dental laboratories needs. The combination of the new hardware components and the new ScanWay software features make the scanning procedure swift and simply.

NeWay Is User Friendly

NeWay is built for you. Easy and intuitive to use scanning procedures and item positioning together with the range of provided accessories will make your job smooth and consistent. With its increased speed and the fact that the meshes are generated during scanning, NeWay will make your job faster than ever.

An Open Scanner is a Custom Scanner

Open at its core, for structure and functions, it is highly customizable and proves to be the best scanning solution for any kind of restorations. No boundaries or restrictions, be free to scan your way.


Faster Scanning Times with More Accuracy

The NeWay scanner introduces a new High-Accuracy scan technology; thanks to the Reference Rim object: accuracy, speed and repeatability has significantly increased making NeWay the best choice for complex work such as implant bars or full arch restorations.

  • Higher Scanning Speeds (45-75 sec)
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Accurate to a few microns
  • Simplified Scanning Process
  • Automatic alignment
  • No orientation restrictions of the object inside the scanner
  • Simultaneous design and scanning
  • Simultaneous scanning and mesh generation
  • Project saved automatically and continuouss
  • Periodic calibration control
  • Constant automatic and free updates
  • Open file formats
  • Integration with main CAD software
  • Customizable software and scanning parameters
  • Online Wiki Manual
  • Structured light technology
  • Mouse 3D ready
  • 24-months extension of warranty
  •  Expert Open Scanning Mode

Company Information

Open Technologies is a company founded in 2001. thanks to cutting-edge technologies, produces optical 3D scanners, unique pieces that are manufactured with high precision, taking advantage of the structured light technology, allowing the capture of three-dimensional surfaces of the objects from which to obtain CAD/CAM models for subsequent engineering and prototyping.