Meet Condor

Condor is making CAD/CAM dentistry about more than replacing alginate. It’s about providing better care, from diagnosis to restoration. Life-like color scans help you see your patient in ways no other technology can. The open .stl file lets you collaborate with any lab in the world. All with the smallest intra-oral scanner on the planet. Dig deeper and get acquainted with the software-driven scanner that is making digital dentistry a reality.

What makes Condor better?

Condor Integrated Apps
Product Overview

Life with a Condor introduces all the benefits of working digitally into your practice: more accurate impressions, faster and more interactive communication with lab, and more reliable results. Combine this with a user-friendly workflow and going digital finally makes sense.

  • Open .stl allows to send to any lab
  • Full color information improves visibility of margin lines
  • Condor Pro Platform delivers files to your lab within seconds

Hyper-realistic colors.

Since Condor does not rely on textures or artificial recoloring, our files set a new standard for building color information into a digital impression. As a matter of fact, it allows Condor to be used for diagnostic and patient communication purposes.

Main Features

  • • True diagnostic color for clear communication to your patient
  • • Based on photogrammetry software for the most accurate scan possible
  • • Basic hardware, insuring all the technology is in the software (minimal hardware updates ensuring your investment)

The Inventor of the Intraoral Scanner


Often called the father of digital dentistry, Professor François Duret is the inventor of the Condor intra-oral scanner and is well known for his pioneer work in dental CAD/CAM. In New York, Professor Duret will present the recently launched Condor intra-oral and will share his opinion on how the latest generation of intra-oral scanners influence dental implantology.

Light, small, and fast. A lightweight champion.

We like to work comfortably and thought you would too. As a result, Condor is by far the most ergonomical intra-oral scanner available. Integrate into your chair is seamless and it weighs and feels just like all your other go-to tools. Finally, making digital impressions doesn’t feel like a work-out anymore

Analog vs. Digital Workflows

The analog record taking workflow is full of inconstancies. From taking an impression to pouring a model, the traditional workflow has steps throughout the process decrease from accuracy of the final product and take far to long. the digital workflow is completed in only four simplified steps and creates the most accurate record possible.