Exoplan Software


Our high-performance, user-friendly open software solution for your implant planning and surgical guide designs

  • FDA 501 Approved!
  • Ultra fast Exoplan DICOM viewer – market leading DICOM loading & visualization speed
  • Highest accuracy alignment of scan data with very precise results
  • Easy to use with either wizard or expert modes
  • Prosthetic driven planning which improves restorative results
  • Comprehensive implant and component library
  • Automatic planning reports and surgical protocols
  • Unique dongle that seamlessly integrates with existing Exocad software and settings
  • Includes admission to “Mastering exoplan” a live training event hosted by Evolve Dentistry ($950 Value)



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NOTE: First purchase will be coming directly from Germany, and may take 1-2 weeks delivery time

Year One: $5000, the following years are subject to a low annual fee