Same Day Design

Imagine being able to have the same quality prosthetics from a dental lab made instantly in your practice. By utilizing Same Day Design, you can create a variety of appliances and prosthetics without having to design, all in one appointment.

An Efficient Digital Workflow for Clinics

  • Efficient for the Patient too

    Your patients will love how their treatments will no longer require multiple visits. This creates more time for you to see other patients as well.

  • Save Lab Costs

    By investing in production machinery, you are cutting your lab costs and creating larger margins per treatment.

  • Partners in Production

    With Evolve, we track the status of your Mill or 3D Printer; informing you of material changes or complications with your machinery.

  • The Magic of Digital

    Without a second thought, your patients’ appliance will be produced and finished in time for you to finish the treatment.

Join us for a FREE Same Day Design Course

Want to learn how our innovative digital workflow would operate in your office? join us at one of our Same Day Design courses. Learn about how we can help you produce prosthetics in your office with ease, and without having to design.

Digital Workflow Consulting.

Are you are dental organization looking for custom digital solutions for your clinics or laboratory? Evolve offers personalized solutions that boost productivity and improve the quality of your final product.

Improving Your PRoduction.

  • Implant Restorations

    Advance your Implant services by incorporating CBCT scans or by producing custom implant appliances.

  • Removable Effiencies

    Due to the increase of hard costs of removable production, incorporating digital workflows increase profitability and create new service offerings.

  • Hybrid Fixed Production

    By balancing the efficiencies of digital production and aesthetic capabilities of technicians, you create ideal flexibility and productivity.

  • Record Taking & Exams

    Embrace the benefits of have permeant full color digital records. Give more thorough exams and close more treatments.