Your Future in Dentistry

Technology has transformed dentistry. Is your practice tapping into the full potential of dental technology? Dr. Abenaim offers training and presentations in the following areas:
• Digital Dentistry
• 3D Printing
• Digital Workflows
• Milling
• Full Arch Printing
• Digital Design
• Choosing the Right Lab, Printer, and Scanner

The Smile Syllabus Objective

The Smile Syllabus Objective Dr. Jonathan Abenaim, DMD has made it his mission to revolutionize the dental profession. Dr. Abenaim has traveled the country sharing his strategies on how to improve the relationship between corporate dental professionals and dental teams, as well as push dental companies to care about their products and their mission. Dr. Abenaim’s goal is for each person to leave the course or presentation feeling motivated to better their career and the dental profession as a whole.

The Smile Syllabus Approach

The Smile Syllabus Training Institute offers a unique experience designed to further your education, knowledge, and involvement in the profession. Feel that spark you felt when you started your career. Be reminded how exciting,dynamic, and engaging the dental profession is today.

The Best CE Experience:

• Learn from pioneers in the field of dentistry. Take your career to the next level.
• We don’t believe in maintaining the status quo. You’ll learn how to break down walls to uncover opportunity and potential.
• Connect with professionals who are advocates for dentists. Your best interests are always considered in shaping our courses.

The Trust Factor

As a dental practice owner, you are responsible for ensuring patients receive the care they need while maintaining a
successful business. Sometimes, a smooth operation is distant ideal. Dr. Abenaim uncovers the secrets to success and identifies areas of opportunity to keep you moving forward. Dr. Abenaim draws on his own experience. After purchasing a practice, he lost 30 percent of his patients within six months, despite the high quality care provided by his team. He made a realization that success is dependent on team unity, and a transformation requires cultivating trust. If you are looking to increase production, build trust among your team and your patients, and learn how to nurture a forward-thinking culture, The Trust Factor is for you. You will learn how to achieve a greater degree of fulfillment from your practice by creating an environment geared towards

Dr. Abenaim’s Philosophy

“Learning from experience is the best way to immerse yourself in today’s fast-paced world of digital dentistry. The Smile Syllabus Training Institute gives you an opportunity to connect with professionals that can share what works based on real experience. You can choose to ignore the advancements in dentistry, or you can embrace change, educate yourself and your team, and learn how to improve practice efficiency, patient comfort, and case acceptance.”Dr. Jonathan Abenaim