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There has never been a better time to learn how to "leverage digital."

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New innovations are improving the way clinicians interact with their patients.- Learning how to leverage these tools will stand as a testament for your desire to provide the highest level of care.



Digital impressions, ai-assisted CAD software, and integrated manufacturing workflows,  provides faster turnaround with more quality control. Additionally saving thousands off your lab bill.



Due to the unique nature of each restorative treatment, we keep ourselves available to you after any purchase to mentor you for continued success. We believe it’s our responsibility to help you, help others.


Fall Special
$360 for Medit i500
intraoral scanner with financing on a 60 month term.

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evolve your practice starter kit

The adoption of 3D imagery for impressions is a pivotal moment in dentistry. Intraoral scanning allows for the more accuracy records for manufacturing workflows, while making it possible to send your impressions directly to Evolve partner labs for instant production at reduced costs.


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Manufacturing Outsourcing Kit

More and more dentists are learning how to design and digitally treatment plan their own work. This allows for more control and predictability in surgical situations. These dentists are more confident in surgical situations and see their lab bill be cut in half for many procedures.


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An All-Inclusive Experience

The desire to provide same day dentistry and cut manufacturing costs has driven dentists to purchase there our manufacturing equipment and learn how to post-process these restorations. If you’re looking to develop your own in-house laboratory, let our open sourced workflows expand your possibilities.

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