Comparing Allied Star 200e to the Competition


In the competitive landscape of intraoral scanners, choosing the right device can significantly enhance dental practice workflows. Among the top contenders are the Allied Star AS 200E, Primescan, Medit i900, and TRIOS 5. At Evolve Dentistry, We added a new product to our portfolio!

The Allied Star AS 200E is a state-of-the-art wireless intraoral scanner designed for precision and efficiency. It features advanced AI technology, a compact design, and a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for both new and experienced dental professionals. Key features include full-arch scanning in just 20 seconds, AI-powered image enhancement, true-to-life color capture, and a lightweight design (245g with battery). Its calibration-free operation, dual scan buttons, patient engagement features, and remote control function further enhance workflow hygiene.

In comparison, the Primescan by Dentsply Sirona is known for its high precision, offering full-arch scanning in 45 seconds with superior image quality. However, its slower scanning speed and higher price ($47,900) may be considerations for practices prioritizing efficiency and cost.

The Medit i900 offers affordability and high-quality scans, matching the AS 200E in scanning speed (20 seconds) but with a higher accuracy (10 μm). Despite its higher weight (328g) and cost ($24,500), it includes a comprehensive software suite with cloud integration.

The TRIOS 5 by 3Shape, with its innovative design, provides full-arch scanning in 35 seconds, high accuracy (6 μm), and vibrant color capture. Weighing 299g, it integrates seamlessly with other 3Shape products but comes at a higher price point ($25,900).

The Allied Star AS 200E stands out for several reasons: its fast scanning speed, user-friendly features, advanced technology, and affordability. At $15,900, it is significantly more affordable than its counterparts, particularly the Primescan. Despite its lower price, the AS 200E does not compromise on essential features and performance, offering a fast, accurate, and user-friendly scanning experience.

Choosing the Allied Star AS 200E means lower initial costs and potentially lower ongoing costs due to its efficient design and future-proof ecosystem. This cost-effectiveness, combined with its high performance, makes the Allied Star AS 200E a standout choice for dental professionals.