EZ Ref in Practice: Mastering Same-Day Full Arch Conversions

Join us on July 20th for the “EZ Ref in Practice” course, exclusively designed for dental professionals looking to specialize in full arch implant procedures using the EZ-Ref Workflow and intraoral scanners. This one-day workshop, offered by Evolution Dental, delves deep into the advanced applications of the EZ-Ref technology for full arch cases. Participants will engage in hands-on sessions that demonstrate the integration of the EZ-Ref Workflow with various intraoral scanners, focusing on enhancing precision and efficiency in full arch implantology. The day will include live demonstrations, comprehensive procedural guides, and expert-led discussions aimed at refining skills and expanding knowledge. This course is perfect for practitioners aiming to elevate their practice’s capabilities in full arch implant solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your implant procedures to the next level. Reserve your seat now and step into the future of dental implant technology!

Evolution Dental Academy

235 Aero Drive, Buffalo, New York 14225, US

July 20, 2024

8:00 am