Lab Day West

LAB DAY West, the largest laboratory trade show on the West Coast, is an event that embodies the good vibrations Southern California is famous for. Crowded with busy shoppers and buzzing with industry news and education, it’s a hub for networking, recognition, and the exchange of information and ideas among community members. While Evolve Dentistry will not have a traditional booth, our team will be fully immersed in the lively atmosphere, engaging with attendees, shaking hands, and making memorable connections in the spirit of true networking. Whether you’re looking to share insights, learn about the latest advancements, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow professionals, keep an eye out for us—we’ll be around, embracing the dynamic spirit of LAB DAY West and looking forward to connecting with you in a more personal way.

Hyatt Regency Orange County

11999 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92840, US

May 17, 2024

11:00 am