exocad DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina is here!

Evolve Dentistry is the best lol

The latest version of DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina includes several significant updates and new features:

Preparation Margin Repair Tool: This tool allows users to improve imperfect intraoral scans by fixing margins, enabling acceptable results despite artifacts or holes in the scan.

Auto Articulator: This feature saves time by automatically handling dynamic occlusion. It requires an add-on virtual articulator module.

Integration of Compact Milling Machines: Users can now select their preferred block and start production seamlessly from within the CAD software. HUGE added value for chairside crown/inlay/onlay/veneer workflows!

Switching Tooth Libraries: Users can switch tooth libraries while retaining the previous setup. We NEEDED THIS. It makes tooth selection so much easier!

Elevated Smile Creator: This enhanced feature offers better visualization and pre-operative treatment planning. It includes designing smiles with virtual gingiva for superior outcomes, designing smiles based on patients’ natural teeth, and improved 3D-to-photo alignment to adjust the 3D view to match the camera’s focal length. We have to say these visuals are the best in the industry by far!

Bite Splint Module: This update brings more automation in bite splint design, allowing for the design of bite splints for both arches simultaneously.

Full Denture Module Improvements: These include the ability to copy dentures instead of relining old ones, designing dentures on ball attachments, and an add-on for the Ivotion™ Denture System.

iTero-exocad Connector™: This feature redefines seamless workflows with lab/doctor collaboration! Allowing doctors to share external case-related files (images, videos, and X-rays) via the MyiTero™ portal. It includes new bi-directional case communication for sharing designs in 3D, validating margins with iTero intraoral camera images, and designing post and core restorations.

New Beta Features: A beta feature for designing post and core restorations is available upon request for beta testers.

These updates reflect a focus on more automation, seamless integration, and enhanced design capabilities in DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Latest Version of the Following Files from Google Drive:
    • Updating to Exocad 3.2 (Draft #)
    • READ ME.txt (optional)
    • exocad-DentalCAD3.2-2023-12-06.zip
    • exocadFramework2023.exe
    Google Drive Link
  2. Preparation: a) Ensure you have Winrar (or 7-zip) installed. Winrar is technically a paid software, but it never forces you to pay for it.
  3. Follow the Installation Guide:
    • Open “Updating to Exocad 3.2 [latest version#]” and follow along with the video instructions.
    • Note: These files are still considered a work in progress. We are working hard to release this update ASAP. Please check back over the next few days/weeks for updates as we slowly improve the new build!
  4. Need Further Assistance?
    • If you require additional help, please schedule a meeting on our exocad install/update scheduler. “Can I get an upgrade?!”
    • Schedule a Meeting