Full Arch Exocad Bootcamp
$3000 per person

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At this two day Bootcamp, Joshua Jakson, President of Evolve Dentistry will instruct new designers on how to use the highly advanced yet user friendly CAD software, Exocad. Not only will individuals get to have hands-on instruction, but also get expert tips and tricks that turn you into effective designer for the clinical or lab environment.



Computer automated Design (CAD) has changed how technicians sculpt the restorations they produce. Being able to take impressions and design a final restoration is the key step in optimizing your manufacturing workflow.

In this course, Jakson will be guiding you through all the modules that are available on the core version of the exocad software. The goal in coming to this course is to have you leave confident in creating: crowns, copings, bridge frameworks, inlay/onlays and veneers.

In addition we will be going through workflows for making other common appliances such as: dentures, bite-splints and gingival designs that can be made with minimal investment in additional modules.

What You’ll Learn

  • Anatomic crowns
  • Anatomic/simple copings
  • Bridge Framework
  • Veneers
  • Inlay/onlays
  • Digital waxups
  • Bridges and gingival design
  • Bite Splint Module
  • Implant Placement Tutorial
  • Full Mouth rehab with iCam

Where & When

April 22-23rd, 2022Evolution Dental Science:

235 Aero Drive Buffalo NY 14225

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