In our pursuit to deliver cutting-edge advancements to dental professionals, Evolve Dentistry is excited to announce the arrival of SprintRay OnX Tough 2 – a groundbreaking dental 3D printing resin that has received FDA clearance for use in creating fixed hybrid dentures. Leveraging the innovative NanoFusion™ technology, this resin sets a new industry standard by offering exceptional durability and visual quality, resulting in remarkably lifelike dentures that closely resemble natural enamel.

Next-Level Hybrid Dentures:
With OnX Tough 2, dental professionals can now fabricate fixed hybrids chairside, creating a seamless and efficient workflow that rivals the quality of milled PMMA materials, all without the need for extra mixing or rolling. By utilizing this resin, dental offices can streamline the denture manufacturing process, resulting in increased efficiency and fewer patient appointments.

Unmatched Strength and Aesthetics:
One of the standout features of OnX Tough 2 is its impressive flexural strength of 126 MPa. This strength ensures that the final restoration remains intact even during regular use, providing patients with peace of mind and dental professionals with confident long-term results. Furthermore, its flexural modulus of 4281 MPa prevents distortion, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy in each fabrication.

Quality Assurance:
OnX Tough 2 surpasses previous industry standards by incorporating the latest methods to measure adhesion and durability. The material is subjected to rigorous testing, including the determination of work of fracture, which measures the adhesion of dental adhesives to a restoration. By adhering to ASTM D790 and ISO 20795-1 test methods, this resin demonstrates superior performance and reliability.

Cost-effective and Same-day Solutions:
With the arrival of OnX Tough 2, dental professionals can now deliver lower-cost, same-day fixed hybrid denture solutions to their patients, without compromising on strength or aesthetics. By eliminating the need for extensive laboratory procedures and reducing the number of appointments, this innovative resin enables dental offices to provide efficient and cost-effective treatments for their patients.

Evolve Dentistry is thrilled to introduce SprintRay OnX Tough 2 as a groundbreaking dental 3D printing resin that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the field of fixed hybrid dentures. This FDA-cleared material, backed by remarkable strength, lab-quality aesthetics, and streamlined workflow, elevates the dental experience for both professionals and patients alike. Join us on this revolutionary journey as we continue to evolve dentistry with the latest advancements and innovations, making dental care more accessible and convenient for everyone.