SprintRay Pro S vs. The New SprintRay Pro 2: A Comprehensive Comparison

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At Evolve Dentistry, we’re thrilled about the latest innovations emerging from the SprintRay team in California. The synergy between their ecosystem and materials represents a groundbreaking advancement in digital dentistry. With the SprintRay Pro 2 building upon the advancements of its predecessor, the Pro S, both printers stand out as remarkable achievements. These printers are poised to revolutionize dental workflows. Empowered by these cutting-edge solutions, our industry is primed to embrace a future where precision, efficiency, and patient care converge seamlessly.

The SprintRay Pro S delivers high-quality prints with impeccable detail and smooth finishes, thanks to its advanced precision engineering. However, the SprintRay Pro 2 takes precision to unprecedented heights with its revolutionary Optical Panel™ technology. Placing the Optical Panel™ close to the resin tank results in an impressive 35 µm resolution and zero distortion, setting new standards in digital dentistry.

While the SprintRay Pro S relies on traditional UV technology, the SprintRay Pro 2 introduces groundbreaking UV innovation with its 385 nm UV-A light engine. This technology offers pinpoint accuracy and ideal depth control, enhancing photo initiator absorption for decreased shrinkage and improved cure depth control. Additionally, the Pro 2’s water-cooled LED ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable solution for practices seeking enhanced efficiency.

Both printers offer standard & arch kits for efficient production. The Reengineered Pro 2 Standard Kit accommodates 6+ flat full-arch dental models, ideal for large production batches or multi-patient printing. Conversely, the Arch Kit optimizes the Pro 2 for speed, featuring a smaller build platform and resin tank that ensure two times faster printing for small batches and restorations.

As digital dentistry continues to evolve, future-proofing is essential. Both the SprintRay Pro S and the SprintRay Pro 2 incorporate advanced technology solutions to ensure scalability and adaptability. However, the Pro 2 goes further with its Optical Panel™ technology and 385 nm UV-A light engine, positioning practices at the forefront of digital dentistry and innovation with faster printing and most accurate resolution prints.

Both the SprintRay Pro S and the SprintRay Pro 2 represent the pinnacle of Dental 3D Printing. While the Pro S delivers reliability and quality, the Pro 2 sets new standards with its precision, efficiency, and future-proofing capabilities. These innovative printers empower dental practices to deliver exceptional patient care and stay ahead in today’s evolving dental market. If your looking to get a SprintRay ecosystem or upgrade your printing station, we at evolve are more the ready to help you ramp up production using SprintRay. Check out our shop to learn directly how these printers are enhancing dentistry with same-day outputs using DLP 3D printing Technology.

Chart highlighting of the key difference:

FeaturePro SPro 2
Optical Panel™ TechnologyNot Available
✔ Patent-pending Optical Panel™ technology for 35 µm resolution and zero distortion
UV Light Engine
Traditional UV technology
✔ 385 nm UV-A light engine for enhanced accuracy and depth control
Printing Kits
Standard Kit, Crown Kit, Arch KitStandard Kit, Arch Kit.
Resin TankStandard SprintRay TanksLighter with larger handles and a rubberized stackable storage lid that seals to help prevent spillage.
Frame BuildPlastic + Aluminum Glass + Aluminum: making to easy to clean and maintain
Standard Build Plate SizeStandard build plate with regular size✔ Four times larger standard build plate for increased productivity
Screen Size6 inches12 inches
High-quality prints with precision engineering✔ Unprecedented precision with Optical Panel™ technology for <35 micron accuracy
ReliabilityReliable performance for consistent results
✔ Liquid-cooled LED for long-lasting performance