NEW – EZ Ref IOS Implant Location System: a breakthrough in full arch dentistry.

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At Evolve Dentistry, we’re thrilled to introduce EZ Ref, a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing implant location procedures in full arch dentistry.

The EZ Ref System revolutionizes dental implantology with its innovative modular winged system, tailored to address the challenges of accurately capturing implant location data for full arch cases. The unique wings effectively tackle the issue of soft tissue gaps that can compromise scan accuracy between implant sites, simplifying the process to achieve more efficient and precise results. This innovation enhances patient comfort, reduces chair time, and provides a cost-effective approach for capturing this critical data.

The modular design; with 5 unique shapes, allows dental professionals to customize their approach for each patient, allowing our system to effectively capture implant location data for any treatment plan. We recommend a maximum of 20mm between EZ Refs, as this is the standard size of most intraoral scan fields. This allows the two EZ Refs to be in the vision of the scanner at once, eliminating any soft tissue data jumps. 

Crafted from autoclavable, high-quality zirconia material, EZ Ref prioritizes durability, safety, and hygiene. Our commitment to using premium materials ensures that EZ Ref can withstand rigorous sterilization procedures, safeguarding patient health and maintaining product integrity. The material selection of zirconia is paramount of the success of the scan, as zirconia mimics the biochromatic properties of teeth. This makes is easy to scan as your intraoral scanners are programmed for this material. 

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With hundreds of successful cases and practices around the country already using the EZ Ref system, we encourage you to try our new system. We believe we have made a massive breakthrough in the cost and time incurred in doing full arch treatments, by creating a simplified approach.

The goal with EZ Ref was to create a scannable bridge that helps not only capture the implant locations but also act as a temporary healer cap with its tapered edge. The EZ Ref System bridges most soft tissue gaps. Simply select a ref for each location then scan the arch. 

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