Introducing the Bullard Alignment Healer Workflow

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Introducing the Bullard Alignment Healer – a revolutionary product designed to streamline and enhance your dental prosthetic procedures. This innovative tool combines the functionality of both a scanbody and a healer, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow for dental professionals.

Key Features:

Two-in-One Design: The Bullard Alignment Healer serves as both a scanbody and a healer, eliminating the need for multiple tools and reducing the time spent on procedures.
Diverse Range: We understand the varied needs of dental professionals. That’s why we offer the Bullard Alignment Healer in various models, including Dess Long, Rosen, Vortex, and Powerball, catering to a wide range of dental applications.


Efficiency: By combining two essential tools into one, the Bullard Alignment Healer reduces the number of steps in the dental prosthetic procedure, saving valuable time.
Versatility: With multiple models available, dental professionals can choose the perfect Bullard Alignment Healer for their specific needs.
Cost-Effective: By investing in a two-in-one tool, dental practices can reduce the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple tools.

Dr. Bullard, the visionary behind the Bullard Alignment Healer, will further delve into the intricate details and advantages of this groundbreaking product. With his expertise and insights, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how the Bullard Alignment Healer can transform your dental practice. Join UA t the upcoming webinar to learn the Bullard Healer Workflow and save a step in your protocol.