Trade in and Save on the iTero Lumina Intraoral Scanner!

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Transform Your Dental Practice with iTero Technology

The savings are remarkable. You can save up to $20,000! Exchange your current scanner for the iTero Lumina at a price that’s incredibly low for its actual value. At the forefront of dentistry is the iTero Lumina, a pioneer in intraoral scanning that’s redefining the standards of dental care with its 6 camera “Multi-Capture Technology” that redefines how intraoral scanners are made. For a limited time, dentists like you have an exclusive opportunity to leap forward with the iTero Lumina, through our specially crafted trade-in promotion.

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Exclusive Offer for New iTero Users

If you’re currently utilizing an alternative scanner, this offer is tailor-made for you. By upgrading to iTero technology, you’re not just transitioning equipment; you’re ushering in an era of advanced diagnostics and streamlined practice management. The process is simple yet the rewards are immense—swap your existing scanner and earn remarkable savings on the latest iTero Lumina system.

iTero 5D Vs The New iTero Lumina

Why Choose iTero?

  1. Advanced Imaging Technology: Offers unparalleled clarity and detail for more accurate diagnostics and treatment planning, thanks to its periptery 6 camera system. ( scanning reimagined!)
  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Features faster scanning times and an ergonomic design to improve the patient experience, thanks to smaller tip and contact free scanning.
  3. Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with existing workflows and dental CAD/CAM systems for efficient practice operations, thanks to the iTero- Exocad Connector 2.0.
  4. Future-Proofing: Upgradable features ensure the system evolves with the latest dental technology advancements, thanks to module hardware/software cart system.

Unparalleled Precision

The iTero Lumina is your gateway to a new realm of accuracy. Its meticulously detailed scans furnish you with a level of precision crucial for complex dental procedures. Whether you’re plotting orthodontic treatments, crafting restorations with pinpoint accuracy, or mapping the nuances of an implant site, the Lumina shines with its comprehensive imaging capabilities.

Growth and Efficiency

Your practice’s success hinges on two critical pillars—growth and efficiency. The iTero Lumina is designed to bolster both. It streamlines your workflow, facilitates patient education, and drives increased acceptance rates for treatment plans. With iTero, you’re not just saving time; you’re amplifying your revenue streams. With its 3x scan field, the Lumina is redefining how easy taking a scan can be.

Special Trade-In Promotion

The savings are substantial. Save as much as 20K! Trade your alternative scanner to acquire the iTero Lumina at an unprecedented price point—one that belies the device’s true worth. This extraordinary offer is a testament to our dedication to your practice’s success and our confidence in the iTero Lumina’s ability to revolutionize your clinical operations.

Don’t wait; act now to seize this game-changing opportunity. This exclusive promotion is only available for a limited time. Connect with our team today to kickstart the process and learn how the iTero Lumina can revitalize your dental practice.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to approval. See website or contact us for more details.

With the iTero Lumina, your dental practice stands on the cutting edge of technology, ready to face the future with confidence. The time to trade in and save is now—secure your practice’s future today!